How Ketamine Could Increase Resilience to Stress

What if, in the future, depression and anxiety could be addressed like the flu?  What if instead of treating the disorder when it is in full-swing, what if we could protect against it with a vaccine-like medication? What if the future is now and the medication is ketamine?!?

In a study by Brachman et al, mice were put into stress inducing models/situations (exposed to chronic social defeat, learned helplessness, or chronic corticosterone exposure). The mice who did not receive the prophylactic ketamine, demonstrated depressive-like behaviors, while the mice given ketamine appeared to be protected against depressive like behaviors.

Many people have strong social support and other factors which put them at a lower risk of developing debilitating depression. Their resilience protects them against psychiatric disorders brought on by stress.  However, there are many other people who don’t have the same resilience, or even normally resilient individuals affected by traumatic events such as first responders and military troops who may benefit from ketamine.

What is exciting about this study is the future implications it holds.  Here at Reset Ketamine we like to focus on a bright and empowering future, and we’re excited by the prospect of ketamine not just transforming lives but also protecting and strengthening into the future.

Watch Dr. Rebecca Brachman’s TED talk on this topic below!