What to Expect

We will do an initial consultation with you to discuss both your history and current experiences with depression, anxiety, PTSD and/or chronic pain. We will need to know your medical history, allergies, medications you are currently taking, and history of surgeries. This helps us determine if ketamine would be a good fit for you. This history also helps us determine which dose of ketamine will be best for you.

Ketamine is administered by IV infusion. On the day of your appointment, we will bring you into a soothing and calming environment. You will receive the infusion in one of our comfortable reclining chairs. We want to create a relaxing environment in which your body and brain has every opportunity to reset.

We will also be monitoring your cardiac rhythm, pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Because ketamine treatment is also an important emotional experience for many, set and setting are very important. Our calm and supportive environment will aid your healing. You will be awake during the infusion but in a deep state of relaxation.  

It is not safe to operate heavy machinery after the treatment, and we ask that you have another person available to take you home. For most patients, the effects wear off within minutes to hours.

Studies have shown that the best way to get results is to have multiple initiation infusions over a short period of time.  Accordingly, we will set up six appointments with you over a 2 to 4 week period, providing 1 - 3 infusions per week. We also follow up with each patient monthly to monitor the effects of the ketamine. Some patients experience lasting relief from their symptoms while others need occasional single booster doses. 

If after the first 4-5 infusions, there is no change in your mood or pain, you may simply be a "non-responder."  At this point, we will recommend discontinuing any additional treatments.