Set and Setting During Ketamine Infusions

There are two important factors to consider when undergoing your ketamine infusions. These are the patient’s mindset (set) and the environment (setting) where the infusion will occur.  Mindset is shortened to “set” and refers to the mental state a person brings to the clinic, including the motives, intention, beliefs, along with the physical, emotional, & cognitive state before the infusion (1)Setting refers to the physical and social environment where the ketamine experience will occur.  This includes the physical environment (both inside & outside), the healthcare team in the room, as well as the person who brought you to the clinic.   At Reset Ketamine, we highlight these two factors because we know it will affect the ketamine experience tremendously.

Prior to every ketamine infusion, we ask our patients to prepare and bring an intention with them.  As part of our preparation process, we encourage patients to reflect, journal, and discuss with a friend, psychotherapist, and/or psychiatrist to have a clear goal or outcome for the infusion.  One patient stated, “I want to let go the past.”  Another’s  was, “more peace and mobility.”  In addition to the intention, the emotional state of the patient entering the clinic can affect the infusion tremendously.  This means it's important to bring a positive mindset, especially the day of the infusion.

As far as the setting goes, from the onset our intention was to create a clean, professional, beautiful, and warm environment.  We are located between the Palm Springs International Airport and downtown Palm Springs in a peaceful, quiet area.  The backdrop is the breathtaking San Jacinto Mountain range with palm trees in a desert landscape. 

Inside of the clinic, we have comfortable seating and each infusion room serves only one patient at a time.  The infusion chair reclines back so you can fully relax.  Furthermore, we have headphones, eyeshades, music, and aromatherapy inside of the clinic to target all senses to make the ideal environment for your infusion.  You will be further comforted knowing that trained healthcare professionals are with you throughout the entire infusion, along with continuous oxygen, pulse, & cardiac rhythm monitoring. 

Ketamine experiences can be transformational so it’s crucial to have the right mindset and be in a safe, tranquil setting when receiving your infusions.  At Reset Ketamine, we have consciously designed out treatment protocols and environment to serve you at the highest level in your journey of healing!  


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