Joe Rogan Interviews Michael Pollan and Talks About Ketamine

Michael Pollan is known for writing books like The Omnivore's Dilemma, Food Rules, and In Defense of Food.  However, in his most recent book he ventures into the uncharted territory of psychedelics, How to Change Your Mind.  The author was interviewed by Joe Rogan and shared some interesting insights into ketamine therapy for depression.  The entire interview is very eye opening, and they even briefly talk about ketamine from 57:27 to 59:20.

Yes, ketamine is safe. It's legal. And it's used as a dissociative anesthetic medicine.  Furthermore, ketamine is important for trauma centers and for soldiers in the battlefield for sedation.   However, one quote from the interview about how ketamine works for depression stands out to us:

It [Ketamine] seems to reset the brain in a way that many people are finding helpful.
— Michael Pollan, Interview with Joe Rogan

Interestingly, we learned that Joe Rogan interviewed another guest, Neal Brennan, in 2015 who discussed his experience of depression, side effects of antidepressants, and ketamine infusions. Naturally, we are proud to be play our part in providing the "reset" for our patients in Palm Springs, CA.