3 Tips For Explaining Your Ketamine Treatments To Friends and Family

“How is your ketamine treatment going?” “Wow! I can't believe you are taking a party drug for your PTSD." “Do you feel totally cured?”

Your friends and family may have a lot of questions for you, or even opinions about your ketamine infusions. Their thoughts and sentiments may be mixed, some may be in full support while others may be very vocal about their misgivings. No matter what their stance is you may find it hard to talk to them.  Well fear not, here are three tips to navigating conversations with your friends and family while undergoing treatment:

  1. State what you need.  Sometimes you need support, a driver, or someone to talk to about your experience. Sometimes you need space, especially if your family is not giving you positive support. You know how your friends and family can be, so tell them what you need. And stay strong with it.

  2. Direct them to information about ketamine. Often the questions asked are well meaning or are a result of misunderstanding. They may simply not understand what ketamine is or how it is used in your scenario. A good source to direct them to is our frequently asked questions (FAQ)!

  3. Keep perspective.  You may encounter fear or frustration from your friends and family. They probably don’t understand how ketamine works or have a misconception that it’s a perfect wonder drug. They may be confused as to why you aren't “cured.” They may question the validity of the treatment since it’s not covered by your health insurance. Keep in mind when explaining their words are a reflection of THEIR beliefs and feelings. Consider interpreting whatever is said to you, as coming from love and concern for your well being.

Let us know if you have questions or even share ways you have answered the questions you faced when on treatment.  Hopefully, these tips can help you and your family handle this chapter in your life.