Why You Should Consider Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain

Ketamine has a long track record being used as an analgesic for medical procedures. Historically, this medication was used to reduce peri-operative pain (pain before, during, and after a procedure). Now, ketamine is proving to be useful in treating daily chronic pain, unrelated to a medical procedures. 

If you are tired of your chronic pain and are looking for a new way to potentially alleviate your pain, check out the following 3 reasons why you should consider ketamine infusions:

1.  You want to be more functional. Perhaps you are tired of taking pills or find your pain goes away, but you seem foggy or don’t get much done. Research is showing ketamine can decrease chronic pain or in some people have remission of their chronic pain. Ketamine infusions are not daily, so the days you are not receiving an infusion, you can be the “you” you have always been but unable to tap into with your higher level of pain.

2.  You no longer want to take traditional pain medications. These pain medications are not without side effects: such as damage to your kidneys, liver, or gastrointestinal system.  You may be experiencing less and less relief from pain with the medications which previously worked for you. Ketamine infusions have minimal lasting side effects. It is safe when given and monitored by an experienced medical professional.

3.  You want to try a treatment that works. Ketamine not only alleviates pain, it also has anti-inflammatory effects which may contribute to further pain relief (1).  In one case report, there was a woman who received a series of ketamine infusions, and had up to 1 year of freedom from pain (2). Many find improvement from pain immediately after their infusions unlike traditional pain medications!

Like any treatment or medications, the results may vary. If you are ready to try an innovative treatment, try something new, or simply want to give yourself a chance to feel better, ketamine infusions just might be for you. 


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